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New Album release "I'mperfect" on iTunes by Shalom Mayberg.


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Shalom 360 offers a full spectrum approach to healing. In addition to the traditional yogic practices of stretching, breathing, meditation, and wholesome eating, Shalom also incorporates other modalities such as sound healing and intuitive energy work.

Staying healthy and balanced by living a more wholesome, vibrant and fulfilling life is what we all strive for. It is attainable, however it requires daily work and attention.

Shalom is here to assist with this work and help to guide you to a new way of living. By tapping into what your mind, body, and self truly needs, Shalom offers support, recommendations, techniques, and tools for daily/weekly practice, supporting you energetically along the way.


"Shalom is an extremely rare individual and a true healer. I've received several Reiki sessions from Shalom, both remote and in-person, and each time, have been absolutely blown away by the accuracy of insight and level of healing that took place. Shalom's gifts can be likened to that of a medical intuitive and a shaman. He is able to access levels beyond this world for important personal knowledge. I am so grateful for all my time and healing sessions with Shalom. Not only is he an incredible individual, but also one of the most talented healers I have ever come across. If you are lucky enough to live close by, go see this man, it will change your life."

- Aleeiah / Intuitive Numerologist / Asheville, NC