Living in today’s world can take a toll on the mind and body, especially your nervous system, which is why taking the time to slow down, allowing the mind and body to connect, tune-in, relax and heal is so important to your overall health. Using bolsters, blankets, and other props to support the body in longer held poses helps to calm the body into a place of rest and recovery. 

My weekly yoga classes at Yoga Pearl and Yoga Union encourage passive stretching and gentle touch (Reiki) for grounding and support. Poses support you in consciously letting go, encouraging the body to relax and the mind to replenish in a quiet and compassionate atmosphere. 

Open to people of all ages, all levels, in all states of health – if you have a body you will benefit! 


Weekly Yoga Classes

Restorative Yoga with Reiki | 7:30pm | Yoga Union

Yin Yoga with Reiki | 4:00pm | Yoga Pearl